Banner artwork created with pen ink on art paper – shows a series of multi-coloured line drawings of human figures, floral patterns and abstract designs – the human figures represent diverse genders and sexualities, including genderqueer expressions – the underlying themes conveyed are that of intimacy, sensuousness, fluidity and diversity. Artwork credit: Anupam Hazra

Webinar #6: ‘Social Media Skills: Instagram’, March 19, 2022

Suchandra Das, Proprietor, Suchandragraphy and Touchstone Media, Kolkata and mentor with the Varta Economic Inclusion Mentoring Forum, will provide a quick technical overview of Instagram features, share tips on optimizing your content on Instagram, and share insight on how to promote your professional profile, skills and business on Instagram. Participate in a training session over Zoom on March 19, 2022 from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm IST.

Suchandra Das will conduct an interactive session in Bengali and English for around an hour and a half. Time for Q&A will be interspersed throughout the session.

This training is an initiative of the Varta Economic Inclusion Mentoring Forum which connects gender and sexual minority community members in eastern and north-eastern India seeking skills, jobs and self-employment with a team of experienced social workers, entrepreneurs, government officials and field experts for information and guidance.

For reasons of video clarity, only the speaker’s camera will be on during the webinar. The event may be recorded for sharing over our YouTube channel.

You do not need an account with the webinar platform mentioned to participate in the webinar. A hyperlink will be sent to you once you register for the webinar. Click open the link on the date and time of the webinar, and choose a display name for yourself.

If you have a question during the Q&A session, you can send it to the moderator through private chat or use the raised hand icon at the bottom of your screen to draw the speaker’s attention.

If you have problems in viewing, try reconnecting or send the moderator a private message.

Register for the free webinar below.

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