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  • This main photograph shows an exhibition match that was played between the Empowering Trans Ability (ETA) and Women Football Association teams in Manipur earlier these summers (year 2017). The match, played in a village ground near Imphal, was part of the ‘Village Level 7-A-Side Open Football Tournament’ organized every year by ETA. This match was the only one played in the women’s leg of the tournament. The photograph shows an ETA player dribbling and moving ahead with the ball near the opponent team’s ‘D’ area and penalty box. She is being shadowed by a rival team member, while another rival tries to block her way. There are six other players from both teams in the vicinity. A line referee can be seen in the background, as also a few spectators (some with umbrellas) seated on the sidelines or walking on a lane next to the play ground. A few soldiers seated in an army jeep or standing next to it – an omnipresent sight in Manipur – are among the spectators. The sidelines are marked by small coloured flags hoisted on bamboo poles. In the distant background are fields, trees and hills merging into a grey-blue sky. ETA’s players are dressed in maroon and black striped t-shirts, white shorts and light green socks, while their opponents are in an orange combination. ETA, a queer support forum, aims to empower lesbians, bisexual women and trans men in Manipur through football tournaments like these. Photo credit: ETA
    Aug '17

    Kick-off for gender equity

    By Oinam Hemabati

    Oinam Hemabati, founding member of ETA, a community group of trans men, lesbians and bisexual women in Manipur, presents glimpses from a unique football contest Garnering positive visibility and empowerment...

  • Nov '16

    Keep the fire burning

    By Pawan Dhall

    In childhood I remember using an assortment of toys to construct entire cities complete with houses, offices, markets, hospitals and roads busy with humans, animals and cars. Some of these...

  • Nov '16

    Privilege 101: Your handy primer to oppression and privilege

    By Asmita Ghosh

    Asmita Ghosh wants us to acknowledge and push back our social privileges, often invisible to our own eyes but painfully evident to those denied the same This article was originally published on Feminism...

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