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  • This is a graphic that shows the following quote written inside a heart shape: “I believe in true love, and there doesn’t have to be just one.” Two similar other heart shapes can be seen behind the first one, partially visible and placed in an assymetrical manner, giving the impression of there being several heart shapes. The heart shapes are filled in with different hues – light blue, peach and yellow – and have colourful, porous or dotted borders. The quote presented in the graphic has been borrowed from a website called Quotes Gram. Graphic artwork credit: Pawan Dhall
    Vartanama Jun '22

    Of life and many loves

    By Debjyoti Ghosh

    Debjyoti Ghosh elaborates on a webinar he moderated on polyamory on June 17, 2022 – with inputs from Arkadeepra Purkayastha

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