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  • Photograph shows a scene from the starting point of the ‘Hyderabad HLGBTIQ Pride 2017’ (the abbreviation stands for Hijra, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer or questioning). Half a dozen individuals (men, women and transgender women) can be seen holding the pride march banner at the starting point of the march (Krishna Kanth Park). The banner is made up of squares of cloth stitched together. Each square has its own pattern and colours, and so the entire banner is quite a colourful mosaic. Stitched on to the banner are the letters and numbers like appliqué work forming the name of the event – ‘Hyderabad HLGBTIQ Pride 2017’. There are also smaller pieces of cloth stitched on, with words like “Rohith”, “Adivasi”, “Muslim”, “Worker” and “Dalit Lives Matter’ written on them. To the right of the banner is a person holding a poster that says “LGBTQ for Radhika Vemula”. Paper rainbow flags can also be seen in the photograph. Other than those holding the pride march banner, another 15 or so people (mostly men) can be seen in the photograph, including a videographer, waiting under a bright sun for the pride march to start. Photo credit: Dr. Mukut Bhowmik.
    Apr '17

    Awakening the pride within

    By Dr. Mukut Bhowmik

    The author’s first rainbow pride march experience energized him to move out of his comfort zone. Hyderabad, February 19, 2017 would always be a red letter day for me! It...

  • Jan '17

    Kolkata queer pride musings

    By Pawan Dhall, Prosenjit Pal

    The organizing of ‘Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk’ has often generated heated debates. These have thrown up many pertinent questions time and again on how inclusive and effective the walk is....

  • Nov '16

    Privilege 101: Your handy primer to oppression and privilege

    By Asmita Ghosh

    Asmita Ghosh wants us to acknowledge and push back our social privileges, often invisible to our own eyes but painfully evident to those denied the same This article was originally published on Feminism...

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