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  • This is a photograph taken in dim fluorescent light from the balcony section of the Basusree cinema hall in South Kolkata. Basusree cinema is an important symbol of nostalgia and cultural history for the city of Kolkata. The photograph shows several rows of seats on the ground floor section of the hall, an aisle running through the centre of the hall, a passage between the front row and a stage, the stage itself on the far end, and a small lower portion of the screen on the stage. A few steps leading to the exits can be seen on either side of the stage, as also fire fighting equipment kept on both ends of the stage. The rows of seats are all empty, there is no film being screened, and no one at all can be seen in the entire expanse of the hall. The photograph has rounded corners. A white background behind the corners seems to give the feel that the photograph is held in place by photo corners in an old-style album. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall
    Vartanama Sep '20

    Nostalgic transference

    By Pawan Dhall

    Pawan Dhall on trips to parallel universes through archives and remembrances around them

  • Graphic shows a screen grab of a home video made by the author’s father, late Prakash Chandra Dhall, with digital liquefy effect. The screen grab has images of the author as a toddler in his mother’s arms (along with a few children from the neighbourhood) in the verandah of the author’s childhood home. But these have been modified such that the entire graphic appears to consist of wavelets of water with multi-coloured reflections. Graphic credit: Pawan Dhall
    Vartanama Apr '17

    Recurring dreams, random thoughts

    By Pawan Dhall

    Recurrent and vivid dreams of water have fascinated me since years, perhaps even childhood. I see water in my dreams as blue, black, transparent; still, moving, flowing; peaceful, playful, terrorizing,...

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