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  • This lead photograph symbolizes the tongue-in-cheek theme of the associated article, that is, ‘lyadh’, a uniquely Bengali word that is possibly best and yet imperfectly translated as ‘sloth’. The photograph shows someone’s bed that has not been made after a night’s sleep and is in complete disarray, the handiwork of someone revelling in sloth. The bed is piled on with a blanket, two pillows, a discarded vest, used hand towel, open book, empty tea cup, and a piece of scribbled-on paper and pen – all lying in a scattered heap. A couple of cushions and a part of the bed railing also can be seen in the background. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall
    Vartanama Jan '19


    By Pawan Dhall

    What better way to avoid a tedious editorial than to write about 'lyadh'?

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