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  • This photograph is a close up shot of a rose leaf with a single round raindrop on the leaf’s central vein. The leaf is ever so slightly bent and the raindrop could roll off in time. The raindrop stands out in sharp relief against the deep green colour of the leaf, which has jagged edges. The background of the photograph is faded out and the photograph has been cropped and presented with a circular shape for artistic effect and to resemble the raindrop itself. Photo credit: Acagastya, via Wikimedia Commons
    Poetry Jul '22

    The last drop

    By Sanjib Basu

  • This photograph is a daytime mid-shot of a bright red ‘jaba’ flower, glistening in the sunlight, growing inside a lane somewhere in Kolkata city. The colour of the flower contrasts with the cheerful green of the leaves of the plant. The grey wall of a building, a water mains fitted on the wall, and a bunch of cable TV wires form a rather mundane backdrop to the eye-catching flower and plant. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall
    Poetry, Vartanama Mar '22

    Verse magic on and off paper

    By Rajib Chakrabarti, Pawan Dhall

    Rajib Chakrabarti’s poetry mingled with summer colours helps Pawan Dhall make the most of his day

  • This illustration is a black and white water colour painting of the close-up of a young girl’s eyes looking at the reader. The girl’s eyes have a slight expression of apprehension, doubt or hesitation. The illustration shows only the portion of the face upwards of the girl’s nose up to a part of the forehead. The girl is looking sideways at the reader, with her left profile towards the reader. Overall the illustration attempts to portray a sense of loneliness and sadness. Artwork credit: Ranjay Sarkar
    Poetry Nov '20

    Unreliable witness

    By Anureet Watta

  • Graphic shows a multi-coloured word cloud in the shape of a star. The word cloud has been created with text from the poem that this graphic represents. The star-shaped word cloud is placed on a background with hues of red, blue and purple colours. The typeface used for the text in the word cloud is similar to the cursive handwriting of a child. Graphic credit: Pawan Dhall
    Poetry Mar '20

    A child’s plea

    By Ananya Kar

    The child in this poem is each one of us. Do we have the answers to this child’s plea?

  • This main graphic is a sketch of a person who appears genderqueer – they have flowing crinkly hair framing the face, stark wide open eyes with gracefully arched eyebrows, luscious lips, and a face outline that cannot be discerned as typically masculine or feminine. While the person’s sketch is in simple sharp lines of black and fills up the graphic frame, it is overlaid with abstract and flowing patterns in pink, yellow, green and blue, with white spaces balancing out the colours. There is a fluorescent touch in the riot of colours. But the person’s eyes seem to peer out from behind the colours and gaze at the reader. The sketch is drawn with pen ink on off-white paper, while the coloured patterns have been created with highlighter marker pens. The graphic has a thick border that works as a frame. The graphic is undated. Graphic credit: Anupam Hazra
    Poetry May '19


    By Rajib Chakrabarti

    Sniggers at androgyny are a poor purdah on our insecurities, says Rajib Chakrabarti

  • The photograph shows a pre-dusk long shot of a public park with a walkway gently curving around a lake. There is an ornamental blue and white iron railing running along the edge of the walkway on the side facing the water. On the other side of the walkway are tall trees. The water is covered with large lotus leaves and flowers floating on the edges of the lake. The gentle ripples in the water are complemented by a cloudy sky and the serene trees that line the walkway. The walkway is made up of tiles with arc like patterns. Everything in the photograph seems to convey a sense of circularity or non-linearity. Even the linear spokes of the railing have a spiral design that adds to the overall effect of the photograph. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall
    Poetry Jul '18

    Badly bent

    By Rajib Chakrabarti

    Rajib Chakrabarti on the twistedness implicit in straightening out the non-linear

  • This graphic is a mixed media artwork created with acrylic and pastel colours on chart paper and computer graphic software. It shows the image of a young person with closed eyes, dreaming of a blue sky. The side profile of the person is presented, and the facial features are such that the person could be of any gender. Only the bust of the person is visible, looming large above a train that is drawn with all details much smaller in scale. Black smoke comes out of the steam engine as the train chugs away. Out of the head of the person a tree with bare limbs grows out. A kite with its string cut dangles from one of the branches, while on another side there is a spool of kite string. The background is a musty blue and white, intermingled with the black of the smoke from the train on one side. Artwork credit: Siddhartha Sankar
    Creations, Poetry Jul '17

    How do you feel?

    By Suchetana Sengupta

    "How do you feel?" "Like a blue, blue sky and a train passing by." "Are you on the train?" "I'm the sunset. I painted the sky. He left so I...

  • Poetry Jan '17

    They woke up in the minute curves of my vagina

    By Aparajita Dutta, Shubhrajit Roy

    They woke up in the minute curves of my vagina, scared, flustered, baffled, touches and nightmares bewildering the reality; violation is THE rule, resist the circus, laughed the fool. The...

  • Poetry Oct '16

    Gogyohshi #2

    By Rajib Chakrabarti

    The poet uses Gogyohshi, a form of Japanese micropoetry, to express what he felt when he heard a man ridicule filmmaker Rituparno Ghosh soon after his demise in life and...

  • Poetry Sep '16

    A joke

    By Rajib Chakrabarti

    A poet’s rebuff to ableism and homophobia

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