Sujoy is 39, Bengalee, based in Bangalore. He has a creative bent of mind, is an occasional blogger, avid reader, movie lover, and enjoys travel. He had polio in childhood and identifies as a queer-disabled man. He is an active member of a disability awareness group in Bangalore.

  • This illustration is a combination of a photograph of the author Sujoy and one of his quotes extracted from the article. In the photograph (to the left of the illustration), Sujoy can be seen standing with his crutches (partially visible) against a wall covered with a climbing plant. He has his face slightly turned away from the camera, with a gentle smile and distant look in his eyes. He is wearing a full-sleeved ‘kurta’, magenta in colour. Tattoos on his chest are partially visible through the collar of the ‘kurta’. This is a day time photograph. The accompanying quote says: “Let’s talk about confidence. It may not guarantee success but may well keep you motivated towards it. It can contribute big time in bringing positivity into your lives. It was no different for me. Financial independence did boost my confidence, which helped me accept my disability and queerness. I realized if I was comfortable with myself, I could expect others to come closer.” Photo courtesy Sujoy
    Sep '18

    Awakening disabled desires

    By Sujoy

    Coming out of self-victimization helped Sujoy discover a whole new sexual world What does the word ‘queer’ mean? Odd, strange, weird, abnormal . . . And what are the popular...

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