Rituparna Borah

Rituparna Borah

Rituparna Borah is an indigenous, disabled, queer feminist activist with over 18 years of experience in gender, sexuality, and LGBTQIA+ issues. She is Co-Director of Nazariya: A Queer Feminist Resource Group, Delhi. She has been part of various advocacy groups, one of them being Voices Against 377 which was a co-petitioner in the case for reading down Section 377, Indian Penal Code. She herself is a co-petitioner in a marriage equality petition as part of the National Network of LBI Women and Trans Persons. The petition asks for equality in relationships and the right to form a chosen family in addition to the right to marry.

  • This illustration is a combination of a photograph and text extracted from the accompanying article. The photograph shows the author Rituparna Borah participating in the ‘Delhi Queer Pride’ in 2009. She is walking under a mammoth six-coloured rainbow pride flag, holding up the flag with her hands, smiling and looking sideways towards the camera, though not at the camera. The sunlight filtering through the flag is lighting up all the colours. In the background, towards the bottom left edge of the photograph, several other pride walkers can be seen. The accompanying text says: “I am not claiming here that there will be no fights or power dynamics, yet I hope that we can solve our issues not by calling out but with chai, samosas, tears, hugs and then some drinks! I still believe that we can create a reality where intersecting marginalized identities are part and parcel of queer-trans feminism(s), and no one has to prove how marginalized they are to get the rights they deserve.” Photo courtesy Voices Against 377
    Commentary Aug '23

    In loving memory of discourse

    By Rituparna Borah

    Rituparna Borah wishes for yesterday once more in debates and dialogues around gender and sexuality – her thoughts for the future on ‘Varta’ webzine completing 10 years

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