Prosenjit Pal

Prosenjit Pal

When not researching Parkinson’s disease as part of his PhD from the University of Calcutta, Prosenjit Pal is busy with poetry, painting, music, films, bird watching and admiring trees.

  • This main photograph shows a musical game in progress at the ‘Kolkata Rainbow Carnival 2018’ held in February this year at Triangular Park. The photograph is made up of several small panels. Each panel shows couples balancing themselves and dancing on a piece of paper placed on the ground. The paper is supposed to become smaller and smaller as it is folded at the end of each round of music. But the couples must try and continue to stay on the paper and dance to the music being played. The couple or couples who manage to stay on the paper till the last round of music become the winners. The panels show different couples laughing, dancing, holding on to each other and even hugging in order to stay on the piece of paper. Carnival crowds and stalls can be seen in the background. Photo credit: Prosenjit Pal
    Clickhappy! May '18

    Happiness is political (so is hugging)

    By Prosenjit Pal, Nikita Kabra

    Merrymaking and cheer apart, ‘public hugs’ were an integral part of the ‘Kolkata Rainbow Carnival 2018’ held earlier this year. Prosenjit Pal went click happy, while Nikita Kabra captured sound...

  • This is a combination of two photographs, both taken at the Inclov social meet-up for people with disabilities held at a banquet hall in Lalit Great Eastern Hotel, Kolkata on January 21, 2018. The photograph on the left shows event host RJ Den introducing activist Chandrayee Dutta Chowdhury, who did a dance performance depicting the struggles of her life as a person with a disability. While RJ Den is seated in a wheelchair and is speaking holding a microphone, a smiling Chandrayee Dutta Chowdhury is standing next to him. The photograph on the right is that of an Inclov poster – the letter ‘O’ in the Inclov logo (in red colour) is replaced with a heart sign, with one side of the heart outline done in a dotted line. Below the logo is the partial picture of the top of a mobile phone with “Discover people” written to the left on the mobile screen. On the right can be seen the time on the mobile screen and a few icons found commonly in mobile phones to indicate phone connectivity. Photo credit: Prosenjit Pal
    My Story Feb '18

    Match-making between dating and disabilities

    By Ishan Chakraborty, Prosenjit Pal

    Ishan Chakraborty narrates his experience of attending an innovative meet-up in Kolkata that aimed to help people with disabilities find friends and dates

  • Clickhappy! Jan '17

    Kolkata queer pride musings

    By Pawan Dhall, Prosenjit Pal

    The organizing of ‘Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk’ has often generated heated debates. These have thrown up many pertinent questions time and again on how inclusive and effective the walk is....

  • Clickhappy! Dec '16

    Cinema, erotic poetry, music and moves

    By Pawan Dhall, Prosenjit Pal

    Prosenjit Pal and Pawan Dhall were at the ‘Hang Out with KRPF’, a queer evening of arts and adda graciously hosted by Alliance Française du Bengale, Kolkata on December 2, 2016...

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