Pallav Bonerjee

Pallav Bonerjee

Pallav Bonerjee is Consultant Clinical Psychologist at VIMHANS Hospital, New Delhi. Whenever stressed, he never fails to spend some time with his own therapist, who has a wet, black nose and goes by the name of Copper!

  • Word cloud in the shape of a thought blurb on the theme of the new mental health legislation – it includes words like ‘advance directives’, ‘choice’, ‘dignity’, ‘insurance’, ‘LGBTIQ’, ‘mental health’, ‘legislation’, ‘quality’, ‘suicide’ and ‘treatment’. Graphic credit: Pawan Dhall

    New mental health law: Act of dignity?

    By Pallav Bonerjee

    Pallav Bonerjee assesses India’s brand new mental health legislation, the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017. The spring of 2017 brought along with it much needed relief and cause for celebration for...

  • My Story Nov '16

    Little joys of childhood

    By Pallav Bonerjee

    Parents must ensure their children remain in touch with the real world – Pallav Bonerjee continues his series of personal narratives on psychology, people and destiny The word ‘childhood’ triggers...

  • My Story Sep '16

    Growing up in a ‘mental hospital’

    By Pallav Bonerjee, Subhojit Banerjea

    There used to be a time when I wondered what it would be like to reside in a mental health hospital for a while.

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