Nikita Kabra

Nikita Kabra

Nikita Kabra is a to-be dance movement practitioner, avid reader, expressionist writer and a human rights champion. They’re also a die-hard runner with a strictly healthy diet and soft corner for desserts.

  • In this photograph, a midday event is taking place on the pavement outside Kamala Girls’ High School in South Kolkata on March 19, 2018 to protest the incidents in the school and the West Bengal Education Minister’s comments on the matter. A street play is in progress. The main actor dressed in a ‘kurta’, pair of jeans, slippers and a ‘dupatta’ can be seen holding a tambourine in their hands and addressing the audience. About a dozen people, standing around at some distance from the actor, are watching. To the right of the photograph, facing the actor, are two individuals holding a placard in part Bengali, part English: “Samakami aami, bhalobasha aami. Shame Education Minister!” (So what if I’m homosexual, my love has meaning. Shame Education Minister!). Behind the placard holders is the school building and a part of the closed school gate can also be seen. The name of the school is written on an arched board above the gate. In the forefront, the photograph shows someone holding a mobile phone and recording a video of the play. Large trees, school buses, people sitting on platforms under the trees, and a building adjacent to the school make up the background. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall
    Insight May '18

    To school, with fear . . . of confessions!

    By Jia Mata, Sudha Jha, Nikita Kabra

    Jia Mata, Nikita Kabra and Sudha Jha report on the recent homophobic violation of child rights in the Kamala Girls' High School incident involving the school's headmistress and the West...

  • This main photograph shows a musical game in progress at the ‘Kolkata Rainbow Carnival 2018’ held in February this year at Triangular Park. The photograph is made up of several small panels. Each panel shows couples balancing themselves and dancing on a piece of paper placed on the ground. The paper is supposed to become smaller and smaller as it is folded at the end of each round of music. But the couples must try and continue to stay on the paper and dance to the music being played. The couple or couples who manage to stay on the paper till the last round of music become the winners. The panels show different couples laughing, dancing, holding on to each other and even hugging in order to stay on the piece of paper. Carnival crowds and stalls can be seen in the background. Photo credit: Prosenjit Pal
    Clickhappy! May '18

    Happiness is political (so is hugging)

    By Prosenjit Pal, Nikita Kabra

    Merrymaking and cheer apart, ‘public hugs’ were an integral part of the ‘Kolkata Rainbow Carnival 2018’ held earlier this year. Prosenjit Pal went click happy, while Nikita Kabra captured sound...

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