Namrata Mukherjee

Namrata Mukherjee

Namrata Mukherjee is a lawyer by training. Her areas of interest include gender, sexuality and law, and socio-economic rights.

  • This illustration is a combination of a photograph taken during the recent 20th anniversary observations of ‘Friendship Walk ‘99’ and the logo created for the anniversary events. The events took place in Kolkata and Chandannagar on June 29-30, 2019. The photograph, taken during the ‘7th Chandannagar Rainbow Pride Walk’ (a part of the anniversary events), is that of a rainbow coloured umbrella from below its canopy. The multi-coloured and translucent canopy, along with the umbrella’s ribs, stretchers and the pole, forms interesting geometrical patterns. The photograph provides a rectangular backdrop with a horizontal orientation. The anniversary events logo is placed to the top left corner of the photograph. It consists of seven parallel VIBGYOR coloured outlines of the side profile of a human face. The outlines merge into a semi-circular and VIBGYOR coloured pattern of human footprints. Inside this roughly spherical graphic is the text “Kolkata Friendship Walk ‘99”, and all along the lower boundary of the spherical graphic is a violet and pink ribbon with the text “20th anniversary”. One can see a glimpse of the Kolkata cityscape behind the text “Kolkata Friendship Walk ‘99”. The entire logo is presented on a contrasting white background, which stands out against the backdrop photograph. Photo credit: Prosenjit Pal; logo credit: Rafiquel Haque Dowjah.
    Jul '19

    Of reflexivity and remembrance: 20 years of pride

    By Diksha Sanyal, Namrata Mukherjee

    Diksha Sanyal and Namrata Mukherjee on the 20th anniversary of ‘Friendship Walk ‘99’ What does an anniversary celebration of a pride walk mean for queer communities who have till recently...

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