Dr. Amarnath Raman

Dr. Amarnath Raman

Dr. Amarnath Raman (they / them) are a dental surgeon, non-surgical facial aesthetician, and a queer affirmative peer counsellor. They work as PrEP Coordinator Consultant with SAATHII, Chennai.

  • This illustration is a combination of a graphic and text extracted from the accompanying article. The photograph simply shows the graphic image of a light blue tablet, rounded rectangle in shape, and with PrEP engraved on it. This is a representative image of the PrEP tablet. The image gently contrasts with a light grey and white dotted background. The accompanying text says: “PrEP is an antiretroviral drug combination that acts against the retrovirus family of viruses, which includes HIV. This drug is taken pre-exposure, that is, before an exposure to HIV can take place, say, through penetrative sex (anal, vaginal or oral) without a condom. Because it prevents an anticipated infection, it’s called a prophylaxis. Hence the full name – pre-exposure prophylaxis.” Image courtesy iStock

    PrEP explained

    By Dr. Amarnath Raman

    Dr. Amarnath Raman explains PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis as a means to prevent HIV among those who know that they don’t have HIV

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