Danish Sheikh

Danish Sheikh

Danish Sheikh is a consultant on sexual orientation and gender identity with the International Commission of Jurists, and teaches courses on the intersections of law and literature at law schools across India.

  • Graphic shows the cover of the report talked about in this article. It is titled ‘“Unnatural Offences” – Obstacles to Justice in India Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’. The cover is deep blue in colour with a patch of lighter blue stylized like a tear falling – this is to the right corner of the cover. The title on the top and the International Commission of Jurists logo at the bottom of the cover are in white. The logo says “ICJ” in lower case – it has a lamp like icon to the left and the full name of the organization to the right. To the right of the cover is a box with a quote from the report. It reads: “In contemporary India, the enforcement of the law by the police and the country’s justice system fails queer people and is in sharp contrast with India’s obligations under international human rights law . . .”
    Happenings Mar '17

    (Un)equal before the law?

    By Danish Sheikh

    Danish Sheikh on the launch of a report on obstacles to justice faced by queer people in India Delhi, February 24, 2017: The International Commission of Jurists today launched a report titled “Unnatural Offences”...

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