Arunabha Hazra

Arunabha Hazra

Arunabha Hazra is a young event manager with an eye for the good things in life – music, cinema, food, beverages and more! He can be contacted at

  • This first (main) photograph shows the book launch ceremony during the event ‘Books, Films and IDAHOBIT 2017’ organized at the Alliance Francaise du Bengale Park Street centre in Kolkata on May 4, 2017. Dr. Rohit K. Dasgupta, Pawan Dhall and Stephane Amalir (standing from left to right) can be seen holding the two books launched, smiling and facing the cameras in the audience. The books launched were ‘Digital Queer Cultures in India – Politics, Intimacies and Belonging’ and ‘Social Media, Sexuality and Sexual Health Advocacy in Kolkata, India’. The first was authored by Dr. Rohit K. Dasgupta, Lecturer in Media and Creative Industries at Loughborough University, UK. The second was co-authored by Dr. Rohit K. Dasgupta and Pawan Dhall, queer activist and Founding Trustee, Varta Trust. Stephane Amalir is Director, Alliance Francaise du Bengale. In the background is a screen projection of a graphic highlighting the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Photo credit: Arunabha Hazra
    Happenings May '17

    Digital media, queer lives and ‘Indian-ness’

    By Kaustav Manna, Arunabha Hazra

    Two books on the relationship between digital media and queer lives were launched recently in Kolkata. The event was part of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia observations....

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