Aparajita Dutta

Aparajita Dutta

Aparajita Dutta is a writer and social activist. Her interests include gender rights, disability rights and football.

  • The photograph shows a close-up shot of the hands of two young children with autism. One of them is playing a rattle, the other a tambourine. The children are sitting cross-legged on the floor, and there are other children around them. We can’t see the faces of the children as the focus is on their activities. The photograph was taken during an event organized on April 3, 2017 in Kolkata to mark Autism Awareness Day (which was on April 2). The event consisted of poetry recitals, songs, music, dance and storytelling involving a number of children with autism, their parents, guardians and caregivers. The event was organized by Transcendent Knowledge Society, an NGO that runs Wonder House, a day-care centre for children with autism in the Tollygunge area of Kolkata. Photo courtesy Transcendent Knowledge Society
    Happenings Apr '17

    Autism eye-opener

    By Aparajita Dutta

    Aparajita Dutta was bowled over by the vibrancy at an event organized to mark Autism Awareness Day in Kolkata recently

  • Poetry Jan '17

    They woke up in the minute curves of my vagina

    By Aparajita Dutta, Shubhrajit Roy

    They woke up in the minute curves of my vagina, scared, flustered, baffled, touches and nightmares bewildering the reality; violation is THE rule, resist the circus, laughed the fool. The...

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