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Dol Jatra colours to counter the pandemic blues

By Heena

Heena reports on a recent Dol Jatra event in Kalyani organized by queer support forum Nadia Ranaghat Sampriti Society
This is a panel made up of three photographs that show different scenes from the Dol Jatra event organized by Nadia Ranaghat Sampriti Society at the Kalyani Central Park on March 21, 2021. Two of the photographs show Rabindra Nritya performances on a small open air stage screened on only the far side with flowing deep pink and white curtains. A colourful event banner is pinned on to the curtains. In one of the photographs, a medium shot shows five young girls performing and the camera has captured a moment where they are posed in a flower-like formation. In the second photograph, a long shot, there are six performers of mixed genders. All are positioned in a single file, with the foremost performer kneeling down in a dancing pose; each subsequent performer stands a little taller than the person before them. All six have their arms stretched out and are looking skywards. Both photographs were taken in the early evening hours. The third photograph is a close up shot of an earthen plate arrayed with ‘abir’ powder in different colours, flower petals, and a lit ‘diya’ in the centre. The plate is placed on a table covered with red cloth. Photo credits: Rafiquel Haque Dowjah (dance performances); Nadia Ranaghat Sampriti Society (plate of ‘abir’)
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