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Bengal government health insurance scheme not ready for trans inclusion?

By Pawan Dhall

Transgender social worker Sudipa Chakraborty has had a harrowing time applying for Swasthya Sathi, West Bengal government’s ambitious health insurance scheme for one and all
This graphic shows a portion of the Swasthya Sathi application form. The form is bilingual in Bengali and English and titled “Form-B (Application for Enrollment under Swasthya Sathi)”. It also carries a West Bengal governmental logo, Swasthya Bhawan’s address, space for the application number, and has sections wherein applicants need to fill in details like the administrative area they live in; their name, sex, age and residential address; office name and address (if they are employed); minority status and caste details; family details; government social welfare services already being availed of; and their Aadhaar card number. None of the sections ask for the applicant’s gender identity. The sex column head has been circled in red by the editor. The lower portion of the application form did not have information relevant to the article and is not visible. Photo and graphic credit: Pawan Dhall
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