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Farewell, dear fairy!

By Chintan Girish Modi

Chintan Girish Modi remembers Gaurav Probir Pramanik whose actions ensured that homophobic behaviour at the leadership level in a leading Indian corporate did not go unpunished
This photo-quote shows a smiling Gaurav Probir Pramanik with large round-framed glasses, wearing a colourful shirt and a blue-grey coat, sporting black nail paint, holding on to a glass of drink, and sitting at what looks like the bar counter of a restaurant. The photograph is borrowed from Pramanik’s Twitter profile. The accompanying extract is from the open letter he wrote to Richa Gautam, former Chief Diversity and Inclusivity Officer at Tech Mahindra, also his boss when he worked with the company. The extract says: “Now, that brings me to your vocal hatred for Muslims and Homosexuals in general. You called both of them names, despicable yet inane names. You brought out your true racist colours in public, and you were proud to do so. What gives you the right to do so? Who empowers you so much that you could (and still can I assume) make a mockery out of a religious minority and sexual minority being a leader at a company which is all for inclusion and diversity. I know, I know, you being the Chief Diversity and Inclusivity Officer at Tech Mahindra almost feels like a sick joke on us by the top management. Why, you might ask, but look deeper, you know you have the answer.”
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