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Ephemera, archiving and accessibility

By Subhradeep Chatterjee

Subhdradeep Chatterjee on his labour of love, the ‘Ephemeriad Project – Archiving Temporality’
This image is a screenshot from the Ephemeriad Project website where the project logo is at the top followed by the page navigation links and a search box which is placed within a round-edged rectangular image of a metal seal and a small sheaf of old white envelopes. Below the search box are some of the ephemera posts on the website in a grid layout. The posts, each with a photograph and supporting text, include a Pond’s lipstick from 1953, a pamphlet of the Purbasha Theatre Club from 1952, a Chinese umbrella label of the Hangzhou Paradise Umbrella Factory from 1990, a Lufthansa airline timetable from 1991-92, a Certificate of Posting of India Postage from 1951, and a vintage writing pad of the brand Queen’s Velvet by John Dickinson from the 1950s. Photo credit: Subhradeep Chatterjee
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