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The gender of education, inclusion and exclusion

By Pawan Dhall

Pawan Dhall has some random thoughts on education, gender bias and socio-economic exclusion – with inputs from Shivalal Gautam and Sudipa Chakraborty. Trigger alert: Suicide
This evening-time photograph shows two children, a girl and a boy, studying on a Kolkata pavement (near the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine). Both children, no more than 10 years old, are bent over their exercise books, engrossed in writing something. The photographer stood behind them and took the shot from above so that their faces would not be visible (as desired by their mother, who is standing next to them, with only her saree-clad lower legs and feet visible). The children are seated on a tarpaulin spread on about half the width of the pavement. A number of objects can be seen around them – a pair of slippers, some utensils, a plastic water bottle, and some clothes. These indicate that the pavement is also their place of living. The source of light for the photograph is a lamp post to the right of the children and their mother. Their shadows and the light seem to have created an interesting pattern on tarpaulin and the pavement. Photo credit: Sudipa Chakraborty
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