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Sex, commerce and queer rural India

By Dr. Kaustav Bakshi

Dr. Kaustav Bakshi reviews social researcher Niloy Basu’s new book ‘Launda Dancer: Anyo Hijrer Bhinna Bhuban’, an important addition to queer literature in Bengali
This photograph shows the cover of the book ‘Launda Dancer: Anyo Hijrer Bhinna Bhuban’. On a white background, the name of the book is printed on top in a bold red and black typeface, which resembles a casual hand writing style. Below the book title there is a stylized sketch of a Launda dancer putting on make-up in preparation for a dance performance. The sketch lines are in black on a light brown background that looks like paper. The author’s name Niloy Basu is printed below the sketch to the right. All the text on the book cover is in Bengali. A yellow sticky note can be seen jutting out of the top of the book on its left side. The photograph shows the book placed on a table with a pair of spectacles and a small Shantiniketan style cloth bag lying next to it. Photo credit: Dr. Kaustav Bakshi
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