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Right to have sex in one’s bedroom not be-all and end-all of LGBTIQA+ rights

By Pradosh Dash

Pradosh Dash chats with political science student Sanjit Mondal who survived a recent queerphobic attack by the Bidhannagar City Police and turned adversity into opportunity
This illustration is a combination of a photograph of Sanjit Mondal, whose story is the subject matter of the accompanying article, and a quote extracted from the article. Sanjit’s photograph has been taken in an outdoor location in the early evening light. Head bent to the right and with his right hand in his crop-topped hair, Sanjit looks into the camera with the hint of a smile. He is dressed casually in a shirt with sleeves rolled up and denim shorts, and has a friendship band on his left wrist. He is seated on the raised edge of a paved pathway. Behind him is a patch of manicured green and two palm trees. A small portion of a pavement with a single pedestrian, a thoroughfare with no traffic, an overhead carriageway for a railway line, and in the distant background some buildings and more trees can also be seen. The accompanying quote says: “Obviously we’ve just got the right to have sex in our own bedroom, which isn’t enough for a human being. Nothing’s really been done for our rights. Only when LGBT people are able to avail of all the basic rights that heterosexual people take for granted in their day-to-day life can one say that yes we’ve got our rights.” Photo courtesy Sanjit Mondal
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