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Red flag on ‘data-driven exclusion’ of transgender people

By Brindaalakshmi K.

‘Gendering of Development Data in India: Beyond the Binary’ – study reveals how structural gaps keep out transgender persons from social welfare net, not just poor data collection
This illustration shows the cover page of the report ‘Gendering of Development Data in India: Beyond the Binary’ published by the Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore in June 2020. Right on top of the page are the logos of Big Data for Development and the Centre for Internet and Society. The title of the report follows in a bold green typeface. Below the title are the names of Brindaalakshmi K. and Sumandro Chattapadhyay, the author and editor of the report, respectively. The bottom of the page has the following text: “Produced as part of the Big Data for Development network supported by International Development Research Centre, Canada.” This is followed by the name and website of the Centre for Internet and Society The cover page is white and has minimal colours from the logos and the text. The page is presented against a deep blue background.
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