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Turning seven in a world turned upside down?

By Pawan Dhall

There couldn’t have been a better time for ‘Varta’ webzine to complete seven years
This photograph is an evening-time long shot of the Hooghly River from the river bank on the Kolkata side. The photograph shows a large expanse of the river. The backdrop shows a golden yellow setting sun and a blue sky tinged with orange light in the horizon. The river waters seem absolutely calm and a large passenger boat with many people on board can be seen right in the line of the sun’s reflection on the water. More vessels can be seen towards the right edge of the photograph and in the distant background. The river bank on the far side is a hazy line of trees and a few industrial structures. The overall sense is one of serenity. The setting sun can be a symbol of renewal as much as a rising one. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall
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