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Trans masculine persons in Odisha respond to lockdown with resilience

By Bana

Health worker and community organiser Bana reports on the situation of trans masculine people in Odisha during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown – with inputs from Chandan Kumar Nayak, Pradosh Dash and Pawan Dhall
This photograph shows a workshop on gender affirmative surgery in progress with trans masculine individuals and their allies in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Around 22 individuals are seated in a conference room, facing a resource person sitting and speaking on the far side of the room. The photograph has been taken from behind the audience and only the speaker’s face is visible. Just behind the speaker is a large banner that says “Workshop with Transmen Individuals on Gender Affirmative Surgery”. The banner also has the logo of SAATHII, the organizers of the workshop, and their partner agencies (names not visible). A large screen for projection, a white board with a flip chart, and windows with curtains drawn can also be seen behind the speaker. Most of the participants are seated on chairs placed around a long centre table, with some of them taking notes on the speaker’s presentation. Some mineral water bottles are placed on the table for the participants. Photo courtesy SAATHII
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