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Better mental health for safer dating?

By QFLN - West Bengal

Festive season’s round the corner, coronavirus lockdowns have eased up – have fun dating but don’t let your heart and wallet become easy game! Queer Friendly Lawyers Network – West Bengal shares ideas from a queer community meeting on what can make dating safer
This illustration is a combination of a graphic and text. The text says: “Social stigma still outsmarts legal change and even availability of queer-friendly legal aid. While changing the way the police functions and advocating for greater family acceptance remain important, the thinking in the Queer Friendly Lawyers Network – West Bengal (QFLN) is that more needs to be done within the queer communities so as to reduce the vulnerability of queer individuals to blackmail.” The accompanying graphic is borrowed from an earlier alert on safer dating developed by the QFLN in early 2017. The graphic is provided as a small inset and its text on safer dating tips is not readable. But the graphic’s headline “Blackmailer Alert” stands out along with the sketch of a man's face with a stricken look and mouth shut, symbolizing the fear of a victim of blackmail. Graphic artwork credit: Rudra Kishore Mandal and Pawan Dhall
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