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Stay home, stay safe?

By Diksha Sanyal

COVID-19 lockdowns may eventually go, but domestic violence against queer persons not quite so. Diksha Sanyal offers some legal solutions
The graphic shows a circular word cloud formed with terms and expressions used in the accompanying article. For example, ‘domestic violence’, ‘marriage’, ‘coercion’, ‘family violence’, ‘eviction’, ‘threats’, ‘police’, ‘queer’ and so on. The text in the word cloud is in a light colour and stands against a background of deep blue. The circular word cloud is itself placed on a black rectangular shape with fuzzy outlines, and this rectangle is placed on a background made up of the rainbow pride flag colours. The word cloud, the rectangle and their colouration are meant to symbolize a reality check when it comes to the experiences of queer people in India even after decriminalization. Graphic credit: Pawan Dhall
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