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Calling out ‘family values’

By Sudipa Chakraborty

Sudipa Chakraborty, Sukanta Banerjee and Joyita Mondal point out that the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have heaped both ‘abuse’ and ‘responsibility’ on trans persons, perhaps more than ever before. With inputs from Pawan Dhall
This main graphic is a collage of sketches of three different pairs of human eyes. Each sketch, rectangular in shape, appears several times in the graphic in different sizes and places. Some of the sketches are in tones of black and white, while some have a sepia tint. Together the sketches fill up the rectangular graphic space, creating a ‘brick wall of eyes’ looking at the reader, as if to ask a question. The question could be about why families of trans persons often treat them in an inhuman way, even when the trans persons do everything in their power to take care of their families in situations such as the current coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Why is their love not returned with equal care and affection? This issue is the main theme of the article associated with this graphic. Artwork credit: Ranjay Sarkar (pencil sketch on paper), Pawan Dhall (visualisation)
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