Varta Trust organizational logo: The word ‘Varta’ written out in black colour in a bold stylized typeface in all capitals on a white background. The text is inside a rectangle finely outlined in black. The first ‘A’ in ‘Varta’ is affixed with the graphic of a bugle on top. The bugle faces to the right, and breaks the rectangular outline where it sticks out above the logo lettering. Tagline below the logo says "Gender, Sexuality, Intimacy, Publishing". Logo artwork credit: Rudra Kishore Mandal

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Bioscope of your intimate dreams . . . and public protests!

By Pawan Dhall
The Varta website has transitioned again – amid many contentious social transitions!
This is an artistic, close-up shot of leaves in multiple bright colours. In the forefront are a few deep brown and young leaves on a slender stem; the stem itself branches out from a larger stem with golden yellow leaves. Water droplets can be seen on the stems and the young leaves. In the background is a blurred mass of green leaves interspersed with dark, unlit spaces in between. The contrast in colours seems to symbolize hope and a blend of the ‘new’ emerging from the ‘old’ over time. Photo credit: Vahista Dastoor
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