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Amphan adds to social trauma caused by coronavirus for trans women

By Sukanta Banerjee
Sukanta Banerjee reports on how Amphan has aggravated the socioeconomic vulnerabilities of many trans women in West Bengal and what immediate mitigation support they need
This main illustration shows the text “#Amphan #Lockdown #Coronavirus” superimposed in a large and bold typeface on a photograph taken in the aftermath of the Amphan super cyclone that hit West Bengal, Odisha and Bangladesh on May 23, 2020. The photograph shows a large tree collapsed across Broad Street in South Kolkata. The tree has brought down with it a tangle of overhead cables. A house behind the tree has its entrance almost blocked by the tree’s roots and branches. More buildings and upright trees can be seen in the background. The photograph has been given a black and white effect with a sepia tint, while the text is in deep orange colour. Illustration credit: Pawan Dhall
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