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Epidemic of wins and losses over viruses (and disabilities)

By Ishan Chakraborty
Ishan Chakraborty opens up about multiple distresses as a person with disabilities during the coronavirus lockdown but wishes not to be crowned a ‘hero’
This graphic shows a multi-coloured word cloud with an oval shape. The word cloud has been created with text from or related to the article that this graphic represents. Words and expressions used in the word cloud include ableism, access, anxiety, coronavirus, counselling, COVID-19, disabilities, distress, inclusion, lockdown, loss, mental health, new normal, pandemic, quarantine, queer, relationships, services, stress, success, trigger, war-metaphors, wellbeing, WFH (which stands for work from home), win and zoomed out. The text is presented in a typeface that somewhat jars and symbolizes stress. The text slopes upwards from left to right. The word cloud is placed on a dark background that helps the lettering standout. Graphic credit: Pawan Dhall
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