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Explorations of ‘self’ pride beyond Section 377

By Pawan Dhall
Stories of pride may be tucked away from all the rainbow glitter going around
This photograph is a selfie shot taken by the author at an event organized by NGOs SAATHII and Thoughtshop Foundation to mark the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s verdict on Section 377, Indian Penal Code. The event was organized at Thoughtshop Foundation’s meeting space in Kolkata on September 6, 2019, exactly one year since the verdict. The participants included around 50 individuals associated with the youth groups that Thoughtshop Foundation works with. Staff members of the two NGOs were also present. A diversity of genders and sexualities was represented at the gathering. The author shot the photograph with the phone in his right hand. A part of his smiling face peers and looks up into the camera, with around 30 other participants to his left, some seated and others on their feet. While half of them are smiling at the camera, flashing victory signs, the other half are smiling and waving excitedly at another photographer, who is not visible in the photograph. Overall, it is a photograph with much happening and with everyone in a celebratory mood. The top right hand corner of the photograph has a small inset photo of a large chocolate cake that was cut on the occasion. The icing on the cake says “One year of breaking free 377”. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall"
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