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Story of a trans warrior – 10 years done, more to come (part 2)

By Pawan Dhall
A rambling conversation with Islampur-based trans rights activist Joyita Mondal who not long ago had to change houses under threats of violence, but emerged stronger from the ordeal
This daytime photograph shows a scene from the first rainbow pride walk organized by Dinajpur Natun Aalo Society in Islampur in 2017. The event was titled ‘Sathiya Uttorer Gourab Jatra’. The photograph shows a number of walk participants, mostly trans women, passing through a busy street in Islampur. Some of the participants are dressed in colourful attire and dancing to the music of drummers. Others are waving small rainbow flags. A couple of two-wheelers are moving along with the walkers. A crowd of bystanders can be seen on the pavement which is lined with a variety of shops. Some people are using their mobile phones to take photographs or videos of the walk. All in all a cheerful and dramatic capture of the walk. Photo courtesy Dinajpur Natun Aalo Society
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