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When badminton outplaced cricket

By Pawan Dhall

The author recalls winning a cricket match to secure space for playing badminton near his childhood home in Kolkata
This is a panel of two daytime photographs placed one above the other. Both photographs are long shots of the lane near the author’s childhood home in Palm Avenue, Kolkata where the cricket match described in the article was played. Both photographs show about 50 feet of a narrow lane lined by two or three-storied houses on both sides, interspersed with small trees and shrubs. Many houses have iron grills and gates on the ground floor. The lane is quite evenly paved, and is just broad enough for two cars to pass side by side. Several cars are parked half on the road, half on the pavement, which exists on only one side of the road. There is little gap between the houses on the lane, which gives a sense of congestion and everything being boxed in. The photographs have been taken from the turning point at either end of the lane. Photo credits: Pawan Dhall
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