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Kolkata pride walk through the eyes of a first-timer

By Varta Trust

Swati Das shares her excitement of walking in a queer pride march for the very first time
This daytime photograph shows the author posing for the camera with a ‘Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk’ flag somewhere on Park Street. The major part of the route for the ‘19th Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk’ was through Park Street. The author is holding the flag unfurled with both hands. Dressed in a full sleeve shirt, trousers and walking shoes, she has a bright smile on her face. A photography camera case hangs from her shoulder. She is standing on a tiled pavement that stretches empty behind her. A few people, possibly other pride march participants, can be seen at the far end, next to a small kiosk selling foodstuff and cigarettes. A large, leafy tree looms behind the author adding to the cheer on the author’s face. Photo credit: Hiya
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