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Setting oneself free, with pride, mindfully

By Pawan Dhall

Pawan Dhall is back with his monthly ‘Vartanama’ rant – well, not quite monthly any longer as you may notice many other names authoring this column
This rectangular illustration is a water colour painting that shows an eagle soaring high in the blue sky with wings out-stretched. The eagle is stylistically painted in the rainbow pride colours. Its face is white in colour and the beak a bright yellow. The eagle occupies centrestage in the painting and is drawn at a slight angle so that its left profile is turned towards the reader. Silhouettes of more birds flying in the sky can be seen behind the eagle. The illustration has soft edges such that the deep blue background of the painting fades off into lighter shades of blue and white. The edges of the original painting have been modified with MS PowerPoint computer software to create the soft-edged borders. Graphic credit: Souvik Rakshit
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