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Ins and outs of a queer memoir

By Jia Mata

Jia Mata reviews Jaydip Jana’s debut book ‘Amar Bhitor Bahire’, a new addition to contemporary queer literature in Bengali
This photograph is a close-up shot of the front cover of the book reviewed in the accompanying article. The book titled ‘Amar Bhitor Bahire’ has been written by Kolkata-based queer and HIV activist Jaydip Jana in Bengali. The upper half of the cover has the name of the book and author written in large point size. The text is in white and stands out against a stylistic representation of the rainbow pride flag colours in the background. Below the text is a sideways silhouette of an individual who seems to be sitting down in a contemplative posture with their chin resting on their right hand. A rainbow friendship band adorns their right wrist. A half-filled silver ‘sindur daan’, with the lid off and some ‘sindur’ scattered outside, is juxtaposed against the silhouette. In the photograph, the book itself is placed flat, but at an angle, on a surface covered in an attractive green and white fabric. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall
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