Varta Trust organizational logo: The word ‘Varta’ written out in black colour in a bold stylized typeface in all capitals on a white background. The text is inside a rectangle finely outlined in black. The first ‘A’ in ‘Varta’ is affixed with the graphic of a bugle on top. The bugle faces to the right, and breaks the rectangular outline where it sticks out above the logo lettering. Tagline below the logo says "Gender, Sexuality, Intimacy, Publishing". Logo artwork credit: Rudra Kishore Mandal

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Words and art from the heart

By Varta Trust

A round-up of events organized to mark 100 monthly issues of ‘Varta’ webzine by Swati Das
This is a group photograph taken at the end of an event organized at Deshaj Café and Store on June 4, 2022 to mark the completion of 100 monthly issues of ‘Varta’ webzine in April 2022. The photograph shows 13 individuals standing or sitting in three rows, smiling and facing the camera. The individuals include Varta Trustees, members, staff members, and well-wishers, representing a mix of different genders and sexualities. In the background can be seen the café’s book racks, wall hangings and a wall-mounted television set. In the forefront, to the right edge of the photograph, a few pieces of the cake cut on the occasion can be seen kept on a side table. Photo credit: Swati Das
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