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Logging out of toxic relationships

By Jia Mata

Jia Mata on social norms, toxicity in queer relationships, and what can be done to make things better
This visual is a photograph of a sketch drawn on a ringed note pad with plain off-white paper. The sketch shows an orrange barrel full of yellow-green toxic waste with the label “Warning!!! Toxic relationships!!” The barrel also has a sign of a heart with cross-bones along with the hazardous waste symbol. The sign is placed in the centre, between the two lines of text mentioned. The toxic waste is overflowing from the top of the barrel and there are several red flags sticking out of the barrel with labels like “Insecurity”, “Gaslighting”, “Controlling”, “Isolating” and “Lack of Respect”. Artwork and photograph credit: Debjyoti Ghosh
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