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Disability, representation and pride

By Eishita

Karthik, a Bangalore-based software developer, opens up to Eishita on disability, sexuality and queer pride
This illustration is a combination of a photograph of Karthik, a Bangalore-based software developer and the interviewee in the accompanying article, and a quote attributed to him in the article. The photograph shows a bespectacled Karthik smiling cheerfully at the camera. He is wearing a white t-shirt with a stylized rainbow-coloured image of a clenched human fist. The image is accompanied with text that says #PRIDE, also in rainbow colours. Karthik is holding on to a crutch with his right hand. The background behind Karthik shows a blurred office environment. The accompanying quote says: “This is called ‘inspiration porn’ in the disabled community. People have set the bar so slow, just because they have disabilities it doesn’t mean they’re doing great things by just living their lives. The name comes from the fact that people try to derive inspiration from people with disabilities without understanding basic problems like lack of resources and support that is preventing us from doing extra stuff. We won’t have inspiration porn if there are more narratives about disabled people just living their lives.” Photo courtesy Karthik
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