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Mistreatment of people living with HIV in government facilities still happens

By Pawan Dhall

Universal healthcare access in India – can this dream become a reality without ensuring patient dignity? Asks Pawan Dhall
This rectangular illustration shows a small part of the text from the accompanying article placed on a light blue background. The background also includes droplets of transparent water scattered across the upper and lower edges of the illustration. The text says: “Sahil is in Mumbai now and continuing his treatment here. He’s so happy with the behaviour of the healthcare providers here in Mumbai and that too in a similar government hospital as the Kolkata one. I’m glad that he’s seen a better version of the healthcare system here, and I didn’t want to create a scene then and there in Kolkata as it was far more important to start Sahil’s treatment and to provide him emotional support.” The graphic attempts to convey values around accountability, transparency, dignity, respect, and good health for mind and body. Graphic credit: Pawan Dhall (graphic based on Microsoft Office PowerPoint designs)
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