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Look, there’s something subaltern about this graffiti!

By Chandrima Mukhopadhyay
Jadavpur University students set Braille graffiti example, turn walls into bridges for inclusion
This photograph shows a daytime close shot of one of the Braille graffiti on display near a staircase at the English departmental building at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. The graffiti has been created out of white table tennis balls cut in halves and then screwed onto the wall using cement to form the English Braille letters for the word 'subaltern'. Since this is a close-up shot, the graffiti spans across the photograph. But the wall on which the graffiti has been created is replete with other graffiti as well bits and pieces of which are visible in the photograph. Right below the Braille graffiti, the word ‘azaadi’ has been spray painted in blue on the wall in large-sized capital letters in English. Photo credit: Pawan Dhall
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