The polar caps melt and the sea level rises
and an army of academics take up arms.
They spin a yarn to prove
that the truth is a false alarm.

It reminds me of the days when the fact
that tobacco kills was fought in a civilized fashion
by a union of tinsel town and medical mercenaries.

It reminds me of those who still deny
that the Holocaust ever took place.

The islanders and dwellers of deltaic plains
who will move to other lands to face racist wrath
who have served as guinea pigs in nuclear experiments
are perhaps regarded as sub-human
by those who profit from the destruction
of our Blue Marble.

We move a step forward and then back again
but I still like to believe that those who risk
their lives for sub-human whales
and other species less majestic
will win in the end.


About the main photo: A view of the north-western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Photo credit Murray Foubister via Wikimedia Commons