Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder where you are
Up above the smoke so high
That my little eyes can’t spy

I want to count the diamonds shine
Like the poem in book of mine
I wonder what it would be like
To watch the universe expanding wide

But when I run to catch my gaze
I am blinded by the choking haze
Parched to see clouds take a stride
I resort to Windows, better than to outside

You think I’m glued to the screen
Not paying attention and acting mean
Why can’t you hear my silent scream!
My virtual world is vibrant than one seen

I am amazed by your childhood stories
To hear about the gallant soirees
Tricking your way up the trees
To pick on a few juicy treats

I feel the thrill when you narrate the chase
Running away from angry neighbour’s gaze
Puffing up with pride and glory
To share the reward of victory

Where are those trees for me to climb?
Or the fields to chase bees and butterflies
I too yearn to live that life
Why didn’t you preserve the time?

You just grew your selfish needs
Ignoring the earth, paying no heed
How can you not hear her cry!
Still planning to let my earth die?

Look, all is wrapped in grey
Ultimately we are the prey
Nature’s bounty is no longer safe
Is the progress for real or fake?

I wish not to live in a bubble
Tied down to create no trouble
I want to run amidst the greens
To live in a picture of my dreams

Tell me you will save my world
It will be my greatest reward
Should I still keep my hopes up high?
To count the diamonds in the sky


Graphic credit: Pawan Dhall