There can never be enough of lending a helping hand to people in distress.

Let’s work together so that Kerala not only recovers but also rebuilds better, safer and more ecologically sensitive structures and systems. There is a dire need for these everywhere in India in order to minimize the impact of natural disasters, if not prevent them in the first place.

Quoting here Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan from the donation portal of the Government of Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund: “Kerala is in the midst of an unprecedented flood havoc. The calamity has caused immeasurable misery and devastation. Many lives were lost. Hundreds of homes were totally destroyed and many more were damaged. For the first time in history, 27 dams in the state had to be opened. Never before had the state witnessed a calamity of this scale. In the fight against the flood, we have braved the odds.

“Now it is our duty to help the affected rebuild their lives. The path to recovery can be long and arduous, but you can make a difference by joining the rebuilding efforts. Contribute generously to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.”

Click here to visit the donation portal and to access the online donation form of the Government of Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.