Deprived of cakes we eat bread

and the drain inspector looks askance.

They believe we grow up on milk powder

invented in the West.

He’d faint if he knew a few hard facts –

a ubiquitous tenth of humanity;

black or white or anything in between;

even before women learnt to grow crops;

nature’s whims spare no age or clime.

Even sub-human species.

Emperor penguins abominably

bend in snow white bliss.


As feet go up and down on the pedals

the sunlight breaks on them –

a thousand priceless pieces;

the rocky ripples that clothe the bones

fuel conflict with revealed books.

The few sacrificed

for the good of the many.

Great souls with a flair for hallucinations

straighten the immutable

curvature of the universe,

and prescribe a life term of torment

to be followed by another

for eternity.


Photo credit: Pawan Dhall