I know you think we’re the biggest joke;
yet why do you suddenly put on
a conscientious smile with a pleasant look,
forgetting fear and hate?

In this hate-filled air I lift
my veil cautiously, and hear,
“These lame and blind folks bear the curse of God.
They have a devilish drive.”

Counting my peccadilloes you think I’m weak-willed,
but beneath the ocean there’s hard rock.
Are you a good diver?

My joints quake as I build
lachrymal castles in the air
and hope to draw more infernal flowers.

Their own hate will filter out
a lot of undeserving venom;
as the starved skin sucks in even jibes so quickly.

I can see a ruthless shadow
lurking behind your smile –
I draw my blinkers tight over my eyes
to avoid falling into a trap.


Main photo credit: Pawan Dhall