Love is in the . . . memories

Vartanama, Clickhappy! Sep '16
Come autumn and they say love is in the air. Or is it in memories and thoughts triggered by scenes in another time, another place?

A chance encounter with kashful lookalikes in Wellington, New Zealand in 2010 (main photo), or with actual kashful in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha in 2011 (below) bring in memories of eventful holiday journeys from Kolkata to the Digha seaside more than a decade in the past.

Flowers by the banks of a lake or by a brook in New Zealand, or on the streets of London – reminders of a loved one just as playful and precious back home in India . . .

Impending parting with a loved one makes the grandeur of trees in Cubbon Park, Bangalore unbearable and sets off tearful reminisces of aspirations in more youthful times that never quite took wing . . .

A bed of flowers in Indira Gandhi Park, Bhubaneswar in 2010, or in Eco Park in home town Kolkata in 2015 takes one back to happy-go-lucky childhood days and bonds of friendship . . .

Blooms in a Santiniketan lodge in 2011 or in the Victoria Memorial grounds in Kolkata in 2015 seem to say that expectations of romance in and with life conjured up in more idealistic times need not be buried – not just as yet . . .

All photo credits: Pawan Dhall

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Pawan Dhall

Pawan Dhall aspires to be a rainbow journalist and believes in taking a stand, even if it’s on the fence – the view is better from there!

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  • Image Pali 27-09-2016 | Reply

    Love is in falling in is an fell in love with those tiny flowers around the lodge in Shantiniketan and they came to you again round the Victoria Memorial.....the intervening time doesn't matter......And wherever you are....that someone at home is always in seen here and then seen there......lovely pictures,lovely narrative.......happy to be with Varta after a long time......

    • Image Pawan Dhall 27-09-2016

      A heartfelt thank you!

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